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Flax ceramics is a timeless and stunning range of pieces crafted by the people of Vietnam

Showcasing fine craftsmanship with soft neutral colourways and irregular shapes. The pieces are lightweight and delicate looking, but each one is fired at 1250°C so they are in fact very robust. The entire range is dishwasher, and microwave safe. Each individual piece has its own unique shape, therefore, measurements will vary slightly.

Within this wide range of products, you will find that special place in your home for these beautiful pieces. 

Let us help you create a beautiful home!

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Design Duo, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser are thrilled to announce the launch of their personal care brand – al.ive body®. The sisters have built a successful interior design career business working on bespoke properties, as well as collaborating with high profile Australian brands and regular television appearances.

The idea for the al.ive body® range was born after the pair regularly struggled to source bathroom and kitchen styling products that complemented their finished projects, while also offering the product purity their clients expected. They found the current personal care market was saturated with brands that placed major emphasis on either design aesthetic or product purity, but rarely did one brand achieve both.

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